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Built in 1917, this 45,000 square feet structure is built on a steel superstrucure and consists mostly of brick and sandstone. Each room is built fireproof to the next and a '5th floor' was placed over the skylight in the auditorium. This area above the skylight is about 3,600 square feet and used for access to the auditorium lights. The East/West walls are 24" thick and the North/South Walls are 30" thick. The building measures 100' x 150' and has 600' of sidewalk. 

Oldest Swimming Pool in a School in Pennsylvania

This pool is finished in ceramic tile. It has (3) built in ladders and was heated. It first apppears in the 1929 yearbook, the Mirror. 

There are 76 steps on the Northeast stairwell. The most of the 3 stairwells.

Over 600 outside window panes were broke or missing in 2009

Besides the exterior window panes, most interior glass windows in doors and transoms were also broken. Bathroom sinks and toilets were also destroyed, some due to freezing weather.

Auditorium Seating

There were 800 seats in the auditorium, originally. Some were damaged or destroyed due to the weather. About 300 have been restored. Eventually, between 600-700 will be refurbished.

Favorite Site for Many Photographers

Since 2009, approximately 330 photographers from 9 states and 2 countries have documented the building. Almost 79,000 shots have been taken (rough average).

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