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Carrie - The Musical

Show Dates:

Thursday October 12 at 7:00pm,

Friday October 13 at 11:59pm

(Special time)

Saturday October 14 at 8:00pm

The "COOP" was honored to be used by the production team for several promotional still shots. Please support local students, actors and artists by attending this event!

For more information, location and to buy tickets:



Margaret White - Talia Bryce Lewis

Carrie White - Ella Frantz
Chris Hargensen - Kyla Brookhart
Miss Gardner - Julia Carestía
Sue Snell - Kate McCabe
Tommy Ross - George Lopez
Mr. Stephens - Chris Cooper
Freida - Jacinda Sattizahn
Helen - Kali Opolsky
Norma - Makenzie Reber
George - Jaeda Powell Stokes - Aether
Thompson Freddy - Ash Zimmerman
Billy Nolan - Eli Mohl
Student Ensemble - Maddy Connors, Lily Hale, Natalee Mercado, Chelsea Naftzinger, Sierra Ward, Gabriella Fort

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